Everything popular is wrong

Oscar Wilde

Picture this life: Waking up every morning, not only knowing what you'll wear before you've opened your eyes, but actually knowing the story behind every piece you put on. Forever immune to sale seduction and impulse purchase regrets. All the while honoring true originals and turning your appearance into a personal trademark. If that sounds interesting: Read on.


Standardizing your outfit establishes a visual identity and relieves the mind. Time otherwise spent considering what to put on or what to buy next, can now be spent on things that really matter to you. For this reason, thought-leaders from Albert Einstein to Steve Jobs established their uniforms. Freeing their minds from mundane tasks while their consistent appearances became the logos to their own personal brands.

Jobs, Slash and Lagerfeld. Three iconic appearances.
Jobs, Slash and Lagerfeld. Three iconic appearances.

Selecting items for a uniform requires research. If you're going to wear a single type of shoe for the rest of your life, it better be a very special shoe. It should also be around for the next couple of years, and the only way of telling it will is by looking into its track record. This leads us to focus on classics. Icons that made an impact on the fashion landscape not because they were considered cool, but because they were designed to solve a problem and made a difference.

The Uniformant is about honoring the originals, the game changers. About presenting yourself in pieces worthy of being worn.

This is where I document my research and where I will attempt to convince you that a uniform is everything but boring.


Alexander Griffioen
Editor, The Uniformant